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Appointment with Fabbri Group at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2023


Fabbri Group is glad to confirm its participation in the 2023 edition of Fruit Logistica, the leading international trade fair in the fruit & vegetable sector.

At the show, Fabbri will present through non-stop live demos all most performant stretch and tray-sealing packaging solutions:

  • AUTOMAC ULTRA – High productivity wrapping machine able to use trays and stretch films in any material (traditional, bio-based, compostable), adapting production to any requirement with extreme flexibility and no additional costs or downtimes.
    Find out more: https://www.gruppofabbri.com/ru/our-products/packaging-machines/automatic-wrapping-machines/automac-ultra/
  • ELIXA 35 LIBRA – Integrated wrapping machine equipped with weigh-price-label system, specially designed for retail and small-to-medium packaging centers. Elixa 35 Libra automatically recognises the tray format and is able to use wrapping films of a single width regardless of the size of the product to be packed.
    Find out more: https://www.gruppofabbri.com/ru/our-products/packaging-machines/integrated-wrapping-machine/elixa-35-libra/
  • MAGIC 2.0 – This smart and compact tray-sealer of the CAVECO range by Fabbri Group automatically packages trays of different shapes and heights with no need for mould or setting changes.
    Try Magic 2.0 with Fabbri’s lid films of the PELid range!
    Find out more: https://www.gruppofabbri.com/ru/our-products/packaging-machines/automatic-traysealing-machines/magic-2-0/
  • TOP LID – Ultra-compact automatic tray-sealer for optimal packaging of all types of fresh and very fresh food products. Its typical patented gas exchange process is widely appreciated on the international market.
    Try TopLid with Fabbri’s lid films of the PELid range!
    Find out more: https://www.gruppofabbri.com/ru/our-products/packaging-machines/automatic-traysealing-machines/toplid/
  • NATURE FRESH CERTIFIED COMPOSTABLE CLING FILM: The first stretch film worldwide for automatic packaging with domestic & industrial compostability certifications (Standard EN 13432) and commercial certification (Standard ASTM D6400), that has already packed millions of products in both retail and industry, in accordance with the Circular Economy.
    Find out more: https://www.gruppofabbri.com/ru/our-products/films-and-foils/compostable-films-and-biobased/nature-fresh/
  • STRETCH & MAP FILMS: Fabbri Group’s wide range of traditional, bio-based and compostable films, available in plain and/or printed form according to the different applications, are widely used by retail, packaging centers, industry and brand owners as ideal for packaging fresh food at optimized thicknesses.
    Find out more: https://www.gruppofabbri.com/ru/our-products/films-and-foils/

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