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MACHINERY: New Layer Palletizer from IXAPACK GLOBAL


For many years, iXAPACK GLOBAL has been designing and manufacturing equipment for the food industry, with 4 ranges of equipment: weighing, ultrasonic cutting systems, wrapping and overwrapping machines (Sleeving, Cartoning, Case packing, Palletizing...).

To meet the different palletizing needs of its customers, iXAPACK GLOBAL offers another alternative, with a new roller gripper entirely developed in-house that allows the palletizing robot to pick up smaller carton sizes per layer, for greater flexibility.

Performances and advantages of this new system:

  • Possibility for the palletizer to pick more case or carton formats.
  • Direct palletizing of the cartons, without being packed by a case packer beforehand, which allows a cost reduction in the product packaging process
  • Stability of the cartons/cases ensured
  • Minimum dimensions of palletizables cases: 250 x 140 x 110 mm
  • Possibility to place the cases on edge on the pallet

Flexible preparation tables

Our pre-palletizing preparation tables are equipped with a tripod robot that allows a wide variety of carton/case layer formats when placed on pallets: columnar, cross-layered, with or without empty space inside the layer for optimized palletizing.

Fully automated palletizing logistics

For optimized management of palletizing processes, a destacking and shuttle system can be added to the palletizing enclosure for fully automated handling of full and empty pallets.

Our palletizing islet (which can handle up to 4 lines simultaneously) can also be equipped with an interlayer sheets magazine, which is automatically managed by the palletizing robot.

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