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Silage film for bale wrap: Is cast the new blown?


Recently developed formulations from SML make it possible to manufacture high-quality silage film on its cast stretch film lines. Compared with blown silage film, SML’s new approach offers some key advantages: higher output capacities, significantly lower production costs and the possibility to optimise the relevant film properties.

Silage film is mainly used in agriculture for preventing over-fermentation processes in wrapped bales of silage, hay and maize. “At the beginning of the development process, our major concern was the higher oxygen permeability of our cast film compared to blown products,” says Thomas Rauscher, Product Manager at SML. While the market-conform value for the oxygen permeability of silage film should not be higher than 9,000 cm³/m²*24h, SML now achieves values of around 8,500 cm³/m²*24h for the silage film produced on its cast film lines.

The other product properties are convincing as well: The cling value of SML’s PIB-free cast silage film was tested at 8-9 N/m, the dart impact reached values of more than 15 g/µm and the stretchability is at 300 percent at 750 mm roles, exceeding the required values by far.

Beside an excellent product quality, the low production costs are the key benefit of manufacturing silage film on cast film lines. With its 4 x 750 mm rolls, SML’s SmartCast line for example, has twice the output capacity of as a state-of-the-art blown film line. Beside that, SML’s cast film lines do not only produce silage film, which is a seasonal business: The same lines also manufacture conventional stretch wrap film, allowing manufacturers to rise the utilization levels and profitability of their extrusion lines further.

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