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Modified atmosphere packaging with SAPLI


Food Products Suitable for Modified Atmosphere Packaging.

Dairy products

Milk powder, over all for utilize in infant formula product, may be a exceedingly delicate item. It is particularly imperative to guarantee that oxygen is uprooted from container in arrange to expand the shelf life. In practice, bundling packaging is carried out in unblended nitrogen with as low a residual oxygen content as possible.

Sapli machines can provide up to 0,5% redusial oxygen inside.

Snacks and Nuts

Snack products, for example potato chips or nuts, primarily involve issues related with the fat content of the food. There is a risk of oxidation, whereby the items can quickly become rancid if the container is not optimal. To extend the shelf life, it is in this manner imperative to limit the contact with oxygen. Modified atmospheres with 100% nitrogen are normally utilized. In this way, a premature spoilage can be prevented, while these atmospheres also provide protection from mechanical damage to sensitive products.


As a dried item, coffee is generally heartless to decay by microorganisms. In any case, the hazard of the greasy acids it contains oxidizing and making the item rank is more noteworthy. To avoid this, oxygen should be excluded from the packaging. Modified atmosphere comprising 100% nitrogen is frequently used in coffee packaging.

Sapli presents 2-Heads Vacuum-Gassing and Seaming Equipment

Equipment extracts the air (oxygen) from the can and in between the particles of the product. This space is refilled with Nitrogen or any other gas or gas mix required to add quality to the final product. Before can is taken back to the line it is seamed, and it all happens in the same point. No need of extra equipment.


  • up to 14 cans/minute : air extraction + gas injection + seal (under 0.5% O2)
  • up to 25 cans/minute: gas injection + seal (under 8% O2)
  • up to 30 cans/minute: seal only (atmospheric O2 value)

*Depending on the product characteristics– density, flowing rate, can size etc

Products that can be packaged: Powdered and granular products (Infant Formula, Milk Powder, Instant Coffee, Cocoa, Nuts, Snacks)

Can type: Metal Tin Can, Composite Can or Plastic Can

Residual levels of O2: Up to 0,5% inside (depending on product requirements)

Gassing with: N2, N2+CO2 or any other gas mixture

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