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iXAPACK GLOBAL offers two wrapping systems


In order to adapt to its customers’ products, iXAPACK GLOBAL has designed two different filming systems.

A Flow Wrapper with a longitudinal sealing from below: the AF300 model, and a Flow Wrapper with a longitudinal sealing from above: the AFSA version. These machines, already installed for different product types (cheese, biscuits, confectionery, chocolate, surgical masks...) have 2 functioning ways but one common point: providing an optimal and solid packaging to products, for an easy handling by operators at machine’s output.


The AF300 is able to wrap products of various shapes individually, stacked or grouped at a speed of up to 300 products per minute.

The Flow Wrapper does not put a lot of pressure on products, which is ideal for fragile items.


  • Up to 300 bags per minute
  • Instructions display, configuration and formats storage on a 19” touchscreen
  • Robust construction suitable to most challenging environment
  • Quick format changeover
  • Low maintenance costs


To respond to the specific market of fresh products, iXAPACK GLOBAL has developed a new wrapping machine. The AFSA Model is able to wrap products of various shapes, individually, up to 150 per minute, sealing packages from above.

Its specificity is its ability to maintain products freshness, by injecting conservation gas into the bags.

This Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) equipment’s control system makes it possible to evaluate the quality and volume of gas injected for the most accurate follow-up of products. Depending on the measure made, an analyzer corrects instantaneously the gas dosing.


  • Up to 150 products wrapped per minute
  • Bags’ longitudinal sealings by ultrasonic welding
  • Quick format changeover
  • Easy access to machine control

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